Interview With Fanshawe’s Faculty Of Design

Hard work, determination, and obviously an undying passion play major roles in shaping your career as a designer. You can see it’s not as easy as making a pretty dress to make it in the industry on shows like Project Runway, which I think give a lot of us major panic attacks. But you have to remember, one step at a time, and the first step is an education that fully prepares you technically and mentally for this line of work. At Fanshawe Colleges’ Design Program, this type of education is what they strive for. Take note if this is a career you want to pursue; Leigh-Ann Waller, the Fashion Design Program Coordinator and Loren Carriere, a full-time Fashion Professor tell us what they look for in their students, what it takes to succeed, and why the upcoming Unbound show will be so beneficial to their newest graduates.

Rebecca: What kind of qualities should students possess to be successful in the Design Program?
Leigh-Ann: A flair for fashion, creativity, an eagerness to learn, and they should enjoy hands on projects.
R: What do you look for in your own students in the classroom? ??

Passion and enthusiasm in the design process, a positive and collaborative attitude, a strong and dedicated work ethic, and creative/innovative approach to problem solving.

R: How could potential students prepare for the program?  ?

Leigh-Ann: Continue to research fashion designers, trends in fashion and fashion blogs. Practice sewing simple projects and fill a sketchbook with ideas, magazine tears and fashion illustrations. Also research the apparel industry to gain more insight into the industry and the careers within the fashion industry.

R: What is your experience with the Unbound show?

??Loren: I have been the Fashion Show Director for the last 7 years, mentoring the students through the HUGE task of producing a fashion show.

R: How beneficial do you think it is for the graduating students? ?

Loren: I cannot put into words the level at which the students grow in all areas… design, production, and teamwork. The fashion show really challenges the students to draw on all their levels of design training and pushes them to the next level.

It takes guts to follow your dream and stick with it. The first step to living this dream is picking the best educational institute and program. Leigh-Ann stresses “It’s the best thing you can do for yourself”. The most beneficial way to help you choose is to gain as much knowledge as possible on what the potential program’s all about and what the current students have already accomplished. Fanshawe’s Unbound show is an incredible showcase of all the hard work and educational influences of the graduating students and should give you a pretty good impression of what the program can offer you.

If you’d like to attend the UNBOUND Fashion Show happening this Friday, April 16th  in London, ON, please email to secure one of two pairs of tickets.  The first two emails received that says "I LOVE UNBOUND" in the subject line will win!
*Transportation NOT INCLUDED.