Interview with Eva Avila

Vervegirl’s Kim Cooper had a chance to sit down with Eva Avila to talk about her sophomore album, Give Me the Music. Eva’s latest album reflects her career evolution since being crowned winner of Canadian Idol in 2006.  Eva shares her life as a singer, model and woman on the move.

What’s your favourite song on the album?

This album content is a little more mature, I talk about certain topics that I wouldn’t have talked about in the first record.  They all have a special place for me so I really can’t pick a favourite.

How were you more involved in the creative process of this album compared to your last?
I was fortunate enough to work on my [personal] creative side on this album.  Over the past year I was working with different song writers and producers that inspired me a lot.  I experienced so many different styles during this process.  It’s fun because any creative explosion you have in your head, you can actually put on paper and then make it happen. 

Tell us about your upcoming music video?
The video is very glamourous and sophisticated.  Very different from the previous videos and it shows my evolution, how I’ve grown and developed as a person.  It reflects the new vibe of the record -  more mature, more grown up.  I was there during the entire process; the pre-production meetings, and even helped pick out the clothing and make-up.  I was very involved and I like that. 

What would a typical day be like for you?

There’s different cycles.  There’s the current cycle that happens after the tour.  After there was a new Idol, I could breathe and write again.  When you’re in writing mode, you make your own schedule.  You get to sleep in, as long as you get your songs done.  Recording mode is hard work every day, and following that it’s interview mode.  I love interview mode because I love talking! It’s never consistent It’s not a nine to five job. Interviews are fun and I love sitting and talking about something I’m passionate about.  The only downside to the promo tour is you have to get up at 5 am to do the morning radio shows.  I love meeting my fans and going to [online] forums to see what they have to say. 

You’ve signed with Ford Models, how do you fit that into your schedule?
Signing with Ford came as a surprise! Diane Lang, president of Ford Models told me that she wanted to meet me I was flattered that they wanted to represent me.  I love combining modeling with my music career.  I also love developing my own style. It helps me become more creative and develop myself fashion-wise.