An Interview with 3OH!3

The creation of 3OH!3 begins in a Physics class at the University of Colorado – and the chemistry was perfect.  Today Sean Foreman and Nathaniel Motte make up the 2-man band 3OH!3 (“three oh three”) named after the 303 area code of Boulder, Colorado.   Their lyrically quirky song titled “Don’t Trust Me” is quickly moving up the charts.  I chatted with them before their show in Toronto at The Kool Haus. 

SRL: Who are your musical influences and why?

N: We draw from a lot of places.  Old school rock and blues, jazz, electrostuff, rap. It’s always a question of listening to a bunch of different music.

SRL: Are there any musical collaboration in the works?
N: We’re going to be in the studio with Lil’ Jon in a month.  He’s super influential to us as far as the beats he makes.  It’s a dream come true.

SRL: What do you really need in your backstage area?
S: Sticky glow in the dark stars.  Fog machine. Boombox with Boyz II Men and Eifel65 playing.

SRL: The video for “Don’t Trust Me” is pretty random – what was the concept for it?
S: We threw a bunch of ideas in a hat and picked it all at once, we tried to incorporate everything.  We got male model, buffalos, apocalypse – and mixed it together.

SRL: What impact would you want to bring to the music industry.
N: We’re just boys who wanna have fun.
S: We want to put the US back in Music.

SRL: What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?
N: We love playing basketball.  We’re avid basketball players.

SRL: Favourite team?
N: Denver Nuggets

SRL:  Where do you see yourself 10 years now?
N: We want to win the “Best Eyes” Competition.
S: Hopefully we’ll be doing what we’re doing.  Eventually playing arenas and bigger venues.

SRL: Advice for people out there?
N: Just make music to have fun.  Music should be about having fun – not about blowing up. 
S: First things first – make music for an outlet for yourself. Some of the best musicians have to be pressured to release their own stuff.   

SRL:  Most annoying question you’ve been asked?
N: This one girl asked me what my name was – I said Nathaniel – and she said that’s a stupid name. 
S: How do you say our group name.