Indigo Love of Reading Foundation

Many people deny reading because they either don’t have enough time for it, or they just don’t care for it. I’ve seen people my age (13), who can barely pronounce simple words. This bothers me because in Canada we have such a great education system, and I hate to see people waving it away. Many people ask me why I chose this foundation as my platform, and I understand why they ask, because I only know a couple of other people who take reading as seriously as I do.

The Indigo Love of Reading foundation takes their ‘love of reading’ to the next level. They use donations from people to sponsor schools in Canada, by supplying them with books and other learning materials. I cannot even begin to imagine what I would have done as young child if I could not have read my favourite books such as “Fidget and Quilly, Are you ready?” and “The Gruffalo”.  Also, Fairy tales leave an everlasting impression on children, as they come across classics such as “Cinderella”, and “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”.

I am passionate about this cause, and that is why I am determined to focus on it, and make a difference in people’s lives, by teaching them the importance of reading.

Thanks for reading!

– Chloe <3 :)