If you wanna get with me, there’s some things you gotta know… An interview with Dev!

Before Dev was known for her club-pop beats and making everyone’s “booty bounce”, she was simply a teenager in Manteca, California who was playing around with music in garages with MacBooks. Today, she is known for heating up the airwaves with songs, “Like A G6”, “Booty Bounce” and her newest single,”Naked” featuring Enrique Iglesias, from recently released album The Night the Sun Came Up.

When I reach The Mod Club with Vervegirl, we wait for the call from Gia Hekmat, a representative for Universal Music Canada, saying Dev is ready. When Gia arrives with a special surprise in hand (more on that later…keep reading!) we all make our way to Dev’s tour bus.

As I sit down with Dev, she is getting her styled and probably shouldn’t be moving around, but she greets me with a large smile and welcomes us in. The petite Portuguese and Mexican beauty is preparing for her show tonight, something she is very excited about. I tell her that I’m pretty excited to meet her, she’s one of the music artists I play regularly and she brightens up at the words and tells me she is glad to hear that.

As Dev’s stylist finishes with the final perfecting of the upbeat musicians bangs, she begins to tell me the story of her journey to being one of the biggest names in music today.

In 2008, she was making music on laptops and posting it to her Myspace page and within two months of posting one song, The Cataracs – then just a local hip-hop duo – contacted her. ” When they contacted me, I just knew them as these weird, eccentric guys from Berkeley (California) who were getting a lot of love.” They started making music on the weekends in Berkeley and a year later, in 2009, they moved to Los Angeles to keep working on an album.

“It was three and a half years in the making,” says Dev. Not quite the Cinderella story everyone thought it was. Despite her sudden jump into the music scene, there was a lot of work behind her current fame. So much, in fact, that Dev and The Cataracs didn’t get much notice from the radio stations at first in their native USA.

The musician says that except for a few plays on San Francisco radio stations, they didn’t get much love. “Radio stations didn’t like ‘Like a G6’ at first, they said nobody wanted to listen to that kind of music. But, we put it on YouTube and all of a sudden it had one million views, two million, ten million, twenty. Somehow everyone knew about it.”

Dev still looks surprised, even now, with how quickly it all happened. They had spent years working on music and within weeks, everyone was buzzing about the  song that would become the party anthem of 2011. For all the young people who are trying to get into the music industry, Dev has only one suggestion.

“I know it’s the cliche thing to say, but don’t ever stop working. There is no other option, if this is what you want to do, then that’s it. You just keep working at it. You never give up.”

However, that suggestion doesn’t come with just working on your music. Dev suggests utilizing all the things available to you, to be exact, social networking sites like Twitter,Facebook,Myspace, Tumblr and whatever else gets you noticed. “The Cataracs found me off my Myspace page. It’s not easy but never, ever stop if it’s what you want.”

Though the singer is known for her dance inducing beats and sing-talk style, the  singer is also known for her amazing fashion sense. As a singer, she believes that visuals go hand in hand with her music and that includes fashion, something she enjoys just as much as making music.

Though her choices were limited in her hometown of Manteca and the nearest shopping center a two-hour drive away, Dev had her mom for style inspiration. “When I was a kid, we pretty much only had an Old Navy in my hometown, so my Mom became a person I could look up to for style.”

Now the singer is a little bit luckier with her fashion choices as she works with a company called Hellz Bellz. “My stylist Lani does pretty much everything. She gives me so many options to choose from and we style the clothes to match the videos. I get a lot of creative control. I meet with the directors and get an idea of what I want.”

With that said, Dev says that her everyday fashion is very dependent on mood. “Sometimes I’m in the mood for flashy outfits with sunglasses but sometimes I just want to wear something sleek with heels.” Though not meant as advice for people, it rings true. Wear clothes that make you feel good and change your style up if you feel like it.

When I ask her about the stunning dress she wore in her music video ‘Dancing Shoes’ she laughs and tells me she gave it to her younger sister for her grade eight graduation. When I say I wish I had had an older sister like her, she smiles and shrugs it off, saying that she lives every girls dream…. “I get to play dress up every day!”

Even though Dev gets to work with Hellz Bellz and plays dress up daily, the singer doesn’t favor any brands. “If I like something, I wear it, I don’t pay attention to brands.” Perhaps she doesn’t regularly pay attention to brands, but she is customizing a few pair of Puma shoes with Sharpies for Vervegirl (That’s the surprise I was talking about)! When asked if she has any plans for the shoes, Dev mischievously says, “I have a few ideas but I’ll wait till I see the shoes. CLICK HERE to enter the contest.

Dev’s new album The Night the Sun Came Up is available on iTunes.