How To Stage Your Own Photo Shoot (part 2)

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Step 1: Brainstorm a concept for your shoot. Look at current fashion magazines (like Vervegirl!) and clothing ads for ideas and the latest trends. This is also known as your “moodboard.” If you’re creating a spread, your shots should have a common aspect to them. If your theme is summer, all your shots, props and fashion should have something to do with summer.

Step 2: Assign a role to everyone. Each person should have a specific role (photographer, model, hair and makeup, etc.). This ensures a smooth running creative team to generate a fantastic spread.

Vervegirl DIY photoshotStep 3: Set aside everything you’ll need for the shoot: extra batteries and a memory card for your camera, hair and makeup products, and of course, wardrobe for your model(s). Hint: Bring a white umbrella to create shade for a crisper shot and to keep your model from squinting.

Step 4: Pick a location. Determine whether you will be shooting indoors or outdoors. This will affect how you set your camera. Your back drop can be simple, like a white sheet (iron beforehand) or a neutral wall space. Shooting in a public place is prone to passersby. Make sure your model is not too shy.

Step 5: Place your props based on your concept. Have everything organized before you begin taking pictures.

Step 6: While the model(s) are in hair, makeup and wardrobe, this is a great time for the photographer to do some test shots to fine-tune lighting and prop placement.

Step 7: Have music, water and healthy snacks on hand.

The creative process can get draining, and everyone’s energy should always be maintained. No need for cranky creative types! Step 8: Strike a pose and have fun! Take as many photos you need. You’ll be selecting your best shots and editing on your computer. Hint: Shoot on the highest resolution your camera will allow.

Step 9: Upload your pictures to your computer and back them up so you have a set of originals. Select the photos you want to use, and then edit. Photoshop is the industry standard, but if you need a freebie program, try Picasa.

Step 10: Print and share. Once you’re finished editing, print your photos and create your own fashion/editorial spread.

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Check out part 1 of this story