How Can Girls Maintain a Normal & Healthy Body Image?

It’s an extremely difficult time for young girls to be growing up. It’s hard for them to have any concept of reality when music videos and magazines are consistently airbrushing and warping the celebrities we look up to. It’s always a hard concept for me to grasp [that I am a role model] since I too have insecurities and am still deep in the process of figuring myself out and being comfortable in my own skin! I believe that if young girls know they are not alone in their insecurities, perhaps they will be more vocal about them rather than turning to eating disorders or other harmful acts. Getting the word out there, that there is no such thing as perfection, is the best way to show young girls what a healthy body really is.
– Lauren Collins. ACTRESS

I make sure I’m healthy and I work out so I don’t worry too much about it. If you’re looking for a basketball player, you’re going to find a really tall personor a really large person as a sumo wrestler. It’s the same for modeling. You’re not going to make a voluptuous woman into a skinny tall one, you’re going to find her that way. 
– Coco Rocha, Model

I enjoy yoga and (contemporary) dance and I’m always amazed by what consistent exercise can do for meI’m lucky that I have a trainer to hold me accountable. My long-term friendships also keep me balanced and healthy. Of course I cheat sometimes[fluctuating] between fries and chocolate.
– Claire Danes, ACTRESS

Forget the word DIET. It’s scientifically proven that diets do not work over a long period. In fact the result of ‘yo-yo’ dieting—losing and gaining weight over cycles— can actually make you bigger and unhealthier (excessive dieting is now being linked with heart disease) than you started off. The idea is to maintain regular exercise (something you like doing), eating wisely (which includes cheesecake too!) and not being obsessed with a scale. Find out your actual BODY TYPE (which dieting can NEVER change ‘cause that’s in the genes baby!) and learn how to maintain a healthy weight and activity level.
– Jill Andrew, Metro Newspaper Columnist and producer of Canada’s first-ever annual Plus Size Fashion Fundraiser Curvy Catwalk which raises funds for both SHEENA’S place and NEDIC.

@ you said
I believe normal is having a healthy BMI (Body Mass Index) for your height. Not everyone has the ideal “perfect” shape, but by eating healthy and exercising you can maintain YOUR own perfect shape.

If you look around you nothing is perfect! When it comes to weight, you just have to manage to stay positive about yourself! Be confident, stay in control.

I think the media gives us what we THINK we want to hear, but it warps our minds into thinking we have to be like that. If we were meant to be SUPER, SUPER, skinny, we would be! But we’re not and we have to believe in ourselves and say “I’m as perfect as I can be!”. That’s the only way people are going to be able to live with themselves.

A tiny waist and a mini skirt, you’re a hot girl and the cutest flirt. Smiling lip gloss lips, ready to fly a kiss. Strutting down the road with your flawless legs, stopping in style when the light turns red. I walk up to you to tell you you’re flawless, but you gave me a nasty glare that said you could care less. I was taken by a sudden shock of surprise, and thought ‘how could beauty show such lies?’ I just wanted to create friendship between us, but I changed my mind because she proved how ugly she really was.