How To Avoid Awkward Situations At Prom

You’re at prom and everything’s perfect. You look great and your crush has been watching you all night. After a quick bathroom break, you re-enter the dance hall. Everyone starts laughing and pointing… OMG! You’ve just tucked your dress into your underwear. Here are three common prom mishaps and how to avoid them. The more you know, the safer you’ll be!

Scenario # 1 
Food gets stuck in your front teeth.

How to avoid: Carry a small mirror and toothpick with you at all times. After you eat, check your teeth and take a breath mint!

Scenario # 2
Your dress falls down or rips, thus exposing undergarments.
(Image: Dress Problem)
How to avoid: First, make sure your prom dress fits (so it’s not too tight that it rips or too loose that it falls!)
Then at prom, ask a friend to watch your back (literally!) throughout the night. Bring a backup outfit if you want to be super-prepared.

Scenario # 3
A slow song comes on and everyone has a partner…but you!
(Image: emo)
How to avoid: If you have a nice guy friend, talk to him in advance about dancing at prom together. Explain that it will be fun (and chances are, he doesn’t want to feel awkward either!)

Even Paula Abdul was embarrassed at prom!