How to Ace that Killer Exam


by Katherine Wong Too Yen

Ever wonder why your study group never quite gets around to studying? Vervegirl can help you to get the most out of those cramming sessions with our study group tips

When exam time rolls around, it can be tough to isolate yourself from the outside world as you attempt to single-handedly zip through 300 pages from your textbook. A study group is a good way to share ideas and learn from others.  Follow Vervegirl’s effective study group tips to maximize your study sessions so that you’re well prepared for that final!

1. Pick your group members wisely
It can be easy to pick your friends for your group, but you may get too carried away with socializing instead of studying. Try to pick those who you think are equally motivated to study and who will contribute something valuable to the group.

2. Be prepared before your meeting
Being prepared includes things like reviewing your notes beforehand and highlighting the questions you didn’t understand from the last assignment. It also means remembering to bring your laptop charger, sharpening your pencils and packing plenty of healthy snacks to help fight the midnight munchies!

3. Stay on task
Decide what you are trying to accomplish at each meeting and set a time limit. Without a clear goal, your group may get too caught up in talking about the latest season of Glee instead of reviewing lecture slides.

4. Don’t stress
Stress is contagious. Don’t let your group membersfreak you out and stay positive! If you’ve been working hard all semester, your brain has probably retained more than you think.

These study group tips will help you become a more effective learner. At the end of the semester, don’t forget to let loose and have some fun with your group members—far away from those dreaded textbooks!