Hoping To See One Direction!!!

May 16,2012

Dear One Direction,

To Harry, Liam, Zayn, Louis, and Niall. Thank you for everything you did for me! I will always love you! I admit that the first time my friend told me about you I wasn’t even interested about what she  was talking about my response was like “ ok whatever” I don’t really care” but when she showed a photo of you I was like woah! That’s them? Their cute! Then I started researching about you until time went by I listened to your songs and after how many days I just kept on listening to your songs and till’ I just got crazy about you and bought both of your albums the limited and the unlimited and now im thinking what if I would try to make my bed and my room surrounded with their faces that’d be awesome and learn French and Chinese so when the time comes for me to see you you’d be impressed but seeing or meeting would be very impossible for me cause im very far away and I wouldn’t even think that you’d come here J but that’s really impossible so I’ll just stay here and wait till’ the day I die and still weren’t able to see you… I just hope I would really see you before my birthday or I was even thinking what if they’d come on birthday as a surprise not letting me know that would be really mean a lot to me and would be the best gift I would ever have but after thinking that I said “of course that wont happen they won’t even bother me dahh! Then felt really sad and depressed. When the time I heard that Zayn had a girlfriend I paniced and didn’t know what to do then thought I have to researched about this thing! Then it was confirmed! Got so depressed for one day. The day after I asked a friend of mine in twitter she said that it was just a stupid rumour and if Zayn had a girlfriend he’d confirm it himself.. I got so relieved and life just was so new again.. One Direction gave me life to live again everything just changed. I just wanna thank you for everything! Everytime I see you I just blush and saying I hope  I would be Harry’s  future girlfriend ,yah right! as  if that would happen or be liam’s, Zayn’s, Niall’s ,louis’ don’t know who I would really like Harry!!!! And if that happens I would do everything to make him happy and I will be loyal and honest to him no matter what I would take care of you Harry! You would never be sad with me we’ll have so much fun…. My mom is now pregnant and its due on August 28 but I told her that can it be on August 29 cuz its liam’s birthday  she agreed and it’s a baby boy!!and my birthday is on December 18 me and louis have near birthdates yay! Hey Zayn! Vas’ Happening!! I hope you’d come here in the philippines! (just hoping) anyways I would be happy if you follow me on twitter –>>>@berylstyles29<<<—– I hope you will reply on me J