Honey Jam Performer Reema Major

Reema Major was born on June 26, 1994 in Khartoum Sudan.   Before she was three she had lived in several different countries, including, Kenya and Uganda. Growing up in a challenging environment, Reema would use writing as an outlet. She wrote her first rap at five years old and she played it for her cousin on her answering machine. She’s been writing ever since!  This 16-year-old multi-talented artist is truly a breath of fresh air.

Vervegirl caught up with Reema a few weeks prior to her performance at the Honey Jam showcase.

VG: What has been your experience with Honey Jam so far?
RM: It’s been great! I waited for a long time to try out for Honey Jam. I wanted to try out about a year ago but I wasn’t old enough, so I told myself that I would practice and try out the next year. My manager Kwajo recommended Honey Jam because it’s such an amazing multi-cultural showcase.

VG: So are you the youngest to participate this year?
RM: Yes! I’m the youngest to perform that night. It’s a major accomplishment for me! Since it’s Honey Jam’s 15th year anniversary, this is not a show to miss. This is history in the making at Honey Jam.

VG: When and how did you get involved with singing?
RM: At age 5, I was writing, singing, and performing. I was writing my own songs at 5 years old! My mom had been a huge support for me. She knows it’s what I love to do and she supports me 100%

VG: Who are your role models?
RM: For music, the Spice Girls. For all-around role model, definitely Queen Latifah. She is a prime example of a successful business person and she has accomplished so much. She is truly an inspiration.

VG: Any advice for young, budding artists?
RM: Perfect from your craft. Stay focused, because there will be a lot of ups and downs. Stay consistent and be on top of your game. Put your trust in God.

Don’t forget to catch Reema at the Honey Jam Showcase August 15th, 2010!

Learn more by visiting Reema’s Myspace, Twitter, Facebook fan, and Youtube pages.