Please allow me to introduce myself. I am Sarah Nieberle, I am 19 years young, and I am Miss Teen Okanagan World 2012. With this title I am also one of the finalists for the Miss Teen Canada world pageant in July in Toronto. I feel really honored to have this title, and it changed my life style from the one to the other day.

Now that I have been honored with my title, and being left with the responsibility of being a role model for other young women all over the Okanangan, I have the chance to make a difference not only in my life, but in the lives of the ones around me and the locals around me. To show that nothing in this life is out of reach and that anything is possible, and for all of the young women out there be your own kind of beautiful.

I like to think that I am living up to this quote and truly being my own kind of beautiful by never letting anyone tell me that I’m not beautiful, or that I can’t do something, and always striving to do my best in all aspects of life. This is why I have chosen my platform in support of the homeless and the helpless, and those in need of a helping hand because I believe that everyone has a right to a real life and to have their own independence, to live without help from another, to live free of worries.

So with my title and platform I want to make the difference and help those who don’t have anything or enough to make it on their own to help them get back on their feet to give them there independence back. I want to share the life that i have been blessed with share the life that everyone deserves to have.