Heey there! please help me to win this?? <3

Hello guys! Im from Peru which means im not anywhere near to meeting the boys :(  my personal favourite, the one that made me actually love the whole band. my entrance to being a directioner, it was Zayn. i started loving him before i actually liked the whole band. He is one of the best celebrities ive ever known or have been a fan of. I would really appreciate it if you guys voted for me. This picture is one of the ones i love the most and i got it froma  snap shot of the boys’ DVD. which i got sort of recently. so i didnt copy a picture. I know that you probably have no idea of who the hell i am, and that im not better or deserve better than any other girl, but think about it for only a sec. please help me to at least have something my idol had in his hands. thank you so much if you voted. you can ask any favour.

just in case: twitter account: @dany0404