Heart & Stroke Big Bike Event In New Westminster, BC

On Tuesday, May 22nd, I volunteered as Miss Teen New Westminster-World 2012 at The Big Bike event put on by the Heart & Stroke Foundation. This fundraiser is taking place in various cities throughout Canada where teams of approximately 30 participants along with one driver bike through their community to support and fundraise for the Heart & Stroke Foundation and research.

The Big Bike event was truly not what I expected; it was full of surprises making the experience even more memorable and fun. The forecast had been predicting rain, but luckily, it had been holding off all day. However, just as I arrived, it began to pour. It was a complete washout and it continued raining throughout the duration of the event, letting up only a little at times.

As each team arrived, they registered, received an orientation and participated in a warm up activity. The teams of bikers some with noise makers and costumes and all with smiles, took off with a police escort leading the Big Bike. Upon returning, the participants were greeted with refreshments as well as a quick presentation about the Heart & Stroke Foundation, the effects of exceeding the recommended daily intake of sodium as well as an overall summary of their teams donations raised for the Heart & Stroke’s Big Bike event.

All the volunteers and organizers were incredible to work alongside. Everyone was extremely positive and energetic. Not only was the event a great success and a lot of fun, but in keeping with all the surprises this day had to offer, I got to ride the Big Bike—twice, as a few teams were short participants (because of the weather). So, along with the teams, dressed in plastic rain ponchos and all, I ventured out into the pouring rain to support a good cause.

Riding on the 30-person bike was truly inspiring. As the rain let up and we all took off our rain ponchos, it was incredible not only to observe, but be a part of the great unison, strength and togetherness each team had. Thank you to all the fantastic volunteers and staff members I had pleasure of working with. The remarkable outcome of the New Westminster Heart & Stroke Big Bike event would not have been possible without all of you.