VOTE/LIKE/VOTE!! <3 for our beautiful, talented, irish, and 1/5 of 1D, our snowflake: Niall Horan


I seriously love Niall Horan so much. I’ve met him before and let me tell you, he is the most beautiful person on the planet. His eyes are so gorgeous and his smile is just flawless. I felt like crying when I first saw him, he gave me a smile and I felt like I could’ve died. I legit felt so faint!  Niall is such a happy guy and it makes me happy that he’s happy. So proud of all his success with the boys. It would mean the WORLD [horan the world…hehehe] if I could win this notebook! So if you heart it, thank you..I love you :)…and heart it because you’ve gotta admit, that picture of Niall is smokin’!!! x

image from: tumblr