Healthy Eating

By Frank Monaco

It’s not uncommon for our New Year’s resolution to eat better to become a distant memory by spring. If the pressures of school and maintaining a social life have you spent on time and reaching for the wrong meals, beware, this unhealthy lifestyle can lead to serious health issues.

The National Product Diary’s (NPD) most recent report indicates that snacking has become bigger than lunch.

The percentage of people who snack rather than eat a full meal for lunch is 23 percent compared to the 22 percent of Canadians who do eat lunch.

When it comes to breakfast, the numbers are tied. Although, 25 percent still make time to consume a full meal at dinner, many are choosing to snack. It seems that snack time has become the fourth meal of the day.

In order to be stronger, successful and have higher energy levels, eating properly is key. Adopting a healthy daily diet doesn’t always require painful planning or a sit-down hot meal. Snacking can be just as good for you, however, choosing the right snacks and portion sizes are the secrets to your success.