Healthy Eating Part 2


A survey conducted by Health Attitude Monitor concluded that most of us are already monitoring our food portions, sugar, fat, salt and trans fat by reading the nutritional label.

However, according to A.C. Nielsen, 71 percent of Canadians feel that we are not getting enough nutrition on a daily basis and are turning to snacks with multi-nutritional benefits to fill the gaps. The good news is that there are snacks, even when eaten on the go that have well rounded health benefits. Many companies are offering convenient snack choices to help us control portions and eat well.

We’ve researched solutions that will keep you on the cutting edge when it comes to healthy and responsible snacking. These options are low in calories, portion controlled and don’t taste like cardboard!

Feeling a little bold and in need of an energy boost? Pass on the coffee and indulge in Red Rain’s cold-fill coffee alternative in delicious Mocha Cappuccino. For those with a tropical palate, their fruity flavours come in Classic Citrus, Acai Blu or Cranberry Orange—available in regular and diet.

With food like this in the market, it is possible to be a busy girl on the go and still look like the student-diva you want to be.

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