The Healers by Donna Labermeier

Move over X-Men, The Healers are here to heal the world. This books is chock full of action, friendship, and adventure. It’s not your typical good versus evil story.

The Healers by Donna LabermeierAuthor:
Donna Labermeier

Publication Date:
February 11, 2011

Harper Collins Canada

Paperback, 264 pages

USD $10.99




Koemi can rescue people from their deepest despair. Harata can intuit a person’s innermost thoughts. Eleanor can make sick people well.

None of them knows each other, but these three young people share an astounding destiny: they were born to heal the world.

With the guidance of an old master named Agostino, the three teenagers embark on separate missions around the globe to vanquish the planet’s darkest forces. Koemi saves people from self-destruction. Harata thwarts would-be terrorists. Eleanor instructs others on how to grow their natural psychic abilities. Individually, they are powerful agents of good. Melded together as a group, who knows what unimaginable energy might be unleashed?

That question is what drives the villainous Venceslao, who is on a mission to capture the three healers and others like them, then harness their talents for his own malevolent purposes. And it will be up to Koemi, Harata and Eleanor to find a way to stop this deadly adversary in time to save all of humankind from utter annihilation.


What a refreshing book!

I like the flow of the story where we read from the different points of Koemi, Harata, and Eleanor. Here are three girls with powers to help people and who knows? Maybe even humanity itself.

We meet Koemi who uses her healing power of laughter to break people’s sprits before they do something rash. Harata can embody a person’s thoughts (even animals) and suggest them to act based on her decisions. And Eleanor (my favourite) can detect people’s auras, and even change their mood. She can also heal almost anything.

Lesson of the story? Young people no matter what their race is, no matter where they live, no matter what they believe in can change the world with Love. Say what? It may sound corny but once you peel all the layers of this story it’s good natured, and chock full of adventure. Don’t we all need a little bit more hope? The Healers are the embodiment of all things good.

The author writes with beautiful detail especially when a healer foils one of the Corrupter’s plans. The evil villain Venceslao gave me chills as to how creepy and scary he was! It kind if reminded me of every horror movie that mentions Satan. The message is quite clear though. If there’s nothing to fear, there’s nothing else left but love.

I enjoyed reading this novel and I’m pretty sure fans of Captain Planet will too! Yes I used to watch Captain Planet..”He’s our hero…”





“All life is precious. Tahir, even though you don’t know it, your life has a grand purpose in this planet. On a deeper level of awareness, you know why you are here, but you must find that purpose for yourself—not be drawn away from the path by these false prophets of violence and prejudice. Will you be on the side of destroyers or healers, Tahir?”

“You and your peers were sent here to bring this change about. You must be strong and teach humanity to overcome the hatred that pollutes our physical world. You must heal people in so many ways. You will empower the world’s citizens do that they forge a direct link to the godhead of nature, regaining control of their lives and destinies.”—page 129

“Right now the Corrupter is killing people befor our very eyes, causing them to be terrified, then feeding off that fear! That’s how it gains power, through human terror! We have to help them!”—page 240

About the Author

 Donna LabermeierDonna Labermeier, a graceful member of the sandwich generation, bowed out of the corporate world in 2003 when her family needed her more than the banking community. She now runs a successful, happy home which includes two beautiful children and continues to be a professional student of life. Though she has studied spiritual development and energy healing for several years now, she received her Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee. The Healers, her first novel, is a result of Labermeier’s own healing and personal transformation.

The Healers can be purchased at as an eBook and paperback, on as an ebook and on TheHealers website.


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