Click The Heart Once If You Like This Hazel Eyed, Bradford Beauty! <3

Zayn Malik aka Hazel Eyed Bradford Beauty! Where do I even begin to tell you how incredible this man is. Zayn  changed my life in so many ways that I can count. I have never met him (sadly) yet he managed to capture my heart. It really is everything about him. With everything he does, his inspirational tweets, the way he walks and the way he talks, every thing about him is so perfect. I love him so much, it hurts, both physically and emotionally. Whenever I feel down, I listen to him and watch his videos to remind myself, “Some times it is better/refreshing to turn the page, instead of staying stuck on it.” Zayn gives me courage and hope. He makes me believe that I should Dream Big Because Dreams Do Come True If You Want It Badly. So please help me win his notebook by clicking the Heart up there! Thank you so much! <3