Hangin’ with Nick and Dave from The New Cities

The New Cities

By Maira Hassan

Continuing their passion for music since high school, The New Cities talk to Vervegirl about their experience in this new arena of fame, as they take over the world! Nicolas and David reveal the band’s secrets, inside jokes and what it’s really like to follow their dreams and still stay together as a group.

VERVEGIRL: Since the band is originally from Trois Rivières, a small city in Quèbec, how does it feel to be in big cities like Toronto and Montreal? Do you miss the small city feel?
TNC: Not really. We do like to go back home to meet family and friends, but we love the big city vibe. There is a lot more to do with places like art galleries and shows, so we love it here!

VG: The band has had a lot of success, but what is the most rewarding part of this experience for the group?
TNC: Getting positive feedback from the fans! The good thing about touring is that you see the immediate reaction of the audience, but the main thing is about the fans.

VG: Within the band, who is the funniest?
TNC: We all have our sense of humour, but Frank is probably the funniest. He’s the clown, but the unknown clown. He’s really shy on camera, but with the group he’s really funny.

VG: How did you come up with the name “The New Cities”?
TNC: We actually wrote possible names on pieces of paper and picked it out of a hat! But it also has meaning in the group. We all came from different bands to become one, much like new cities that emerge together.

VG: If you had the chance to share the stage with any other musicians, who would they be?
TNC: That’s hard because it sometimes depends on the show. We might like a certain group, but it might not go well together for the overall show. It would be cool to jam with MuteMath, Incubus and New Order.

VG: If you had to describe your style of music in three words, what would they be?
TNC: Electro, pop, rock. It’s just what we are. When you start a band, you’re closer to your influences, but then you become who you are. That’s when you realize that you are, as a band, what you are.

VG: The New Cities is well – known in Canada, have you had any experiences with crazy fans?
TNC: In Montreal, there is always this girl that starts crying, even though she’s seen us like fifteen times. But we haven’t experienced anything in a bad way. Our fans are amazing and they bring gifts that are really thoughtful, so we really appreciate them.

The New Cities perform in Toronto on October 22nd, 2011 at Crush Fest! Check out their tour schedule here

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