Halflings by Heather Burch Review

Author: Heather Burch

Publication Date: January 20, 2012

Publisher: Zondervan

Format: Paperback, 272 pages

Price: CND $16.49

Websites: AmazonChapters | Indigo, GoodReads


What do you do when you have have four hell hounds after you? You run like crazy and hope they stop. Not headstrong Nikki who stands her ground and tries to fight them off until three Halflings help her.

Halflings are exactly what they sound like, the offspring of fallen angels and human women. Talk about complicated! They’re not allowed in heaven nor do they want to spend eternity in hell, so they opt to stay in the midplane.

No other Halflings know this better than Mace, Will and Vine. Three young angels who are assigned to protect Nikki. The reason is unknown and throughout the novel they try to figure out why.

I’m always one to read angel themed novels, and Halflings is no exception. It had a wonderful combination of mystery and romance that I had to know why Nikki is so special. And the little love triangle and unforgivable sin that Halflings must not do keeps the intensity of their love rising.

This is a great quick read but it lacked answering all the questions that I had in te end. Maybe it will be answered in the next book? I look forward to it.



“The world balances on a pinhead, and its fate rests in the hands of teenagers.”—Will

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