Hair Career

Why you should consider a career as a Hair Stylist Are you thinking about a career in the arts? How about beauty, fashion and styling, are they important to you? Studies have shown that those vocations in which people help other people are the ones frequently listed as ‘most rewarding’. A good example of one such occupation is the hair stylist; he or she is in a position to form lasting bonds with their customers and to impact these people’s lives in a positive way by increasing their self confidence and personal esteem. A good hair stylist often gets quite close to their clients’ lives and helps them prepare for some of their most important moments.

From fashioning the perfect style for a bride, to helping mend a broken heart (perhaps after a shocking event such as a death or a break-up), the hair stylist can be a potent personal influence. And unlike so many other professional helpers, the stylist’s career is made even more rewarding after witnessing their client’s immediate gratitude, and that person’s improved sense of self-image after a new look. Good hair stylists can make a lot of money. In the past this career may not have been considered a high-paying job, but that’s changed now and some industry leaders are earning six figures or more. In an increasingly digital world where more and more jobs and networking opportunities are being sourced offshore or online, this is one profession that’s blossoming here at home. Plus top business executives are styled now, and having an updated profile picture in which you look professional–and properly styled–is a necessity, and will only become more so as the internet continues to flourish as a means of connection.

To achieve success as a stylist, the possibilities may actually be endless. Once educated, a stylist may open their own salon, travel with their talents to an exotic locale or style celebrities or for films, television and fashion shows. If your love for fashion and beauty ever cuts into your spare time, imagine a day job in which you are in charge of helping people look and feel better. The most glamorous part? You can set your own hours. In order to be a great stylist, above-average people skills are a must. You need to be a perfect listener in order to give your client the look they’re after, and you must be able to hold a breezy, yet authentic, conversation with a complete stranger, as a typical wash/cut can take an hour (with highlights or perms taking even longer). People, women especially, won’t entrust their hairstyle to just anyone, but they do trust word-of-mouth from their friends; one satisfied customer can go a long way. People skills can really make or break your career, along with other key elements, good influences and education.

The world-renowned Aveda Institute approaches hair styling as a fine art and seeks students who feel the same way. The organization is currently running Are You Born To Style? video contest that offers free tuition for one student at each of five hair schools across Canada, in the Winnipeg, Victoria, Vancouver, Toronto and Calgary Institutes. In order to get one big step closer to the career of your dreams, simply submit a two-minute video detailing why you were born to style. Remember to show your creative flair, fashion sense, passion for styling and, of course, your charismatic personality! Contestants have until March 31, 2012 to submit their entries. Make 2012 the best career year ever–tell Aveda why you were Born to Style!