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Looking for ways to make reading fun again?  Haven’t found a book that you just can’t put down? Look no further, Penguin Canada has launched, an online destination for the community, conversations and enthusiasm of today’s expanding young-adult fiction audiences. provides members with exclusive information and titles from their favourite authors including Hiromo Goto, Joseph Boyden and Charles De Lindt.  What’s more, members are encouraged to engage in the online conversation with other likeminded young-adult fiction lovers, authors and reviewers!

In recent years, the young-adult fiction genre has exploded and blown its traditional gender and age boundaries wide open.  YA fiction is no longer only enjoyed by 13 year olds, but attracts teens aged 14 to 18 and anyone beyond who likes a good read. is a place to start a lasting love of reading, where members can share fictional crushes, challenge villainous deeds, visit the past, present and future, tackling the real issues of the day. is dedicated to publishing the very best in young-adult fiction and showcases both Canadian and international talent.  Razorbill’s first Canadian author, Hiromi Goto launched her latest book, Darkest Light, on the imprint on January 31. Find out what members are saying about her latest title and many more at