The glam life of…Ashley & Mary-Kate Olsen

By Maya Haidar

As we’re led through a maze of corridors at Toronto’s SOHO hotel, our curiosity builds as my editor and I are told that we’re to interview the girls separately. So are we to deal with the diva demeanour usually associated with occupying an entire hotel wing? Au contraire. In person, the girls are stunning, poised, business-oriented and down to earth. They also share that “twin thing”—which explains the correlation between some of their responses. So strange, yet so cool.

vervegirl: Do you disagree with each other?

Mary-Kate: Not really. It’s like right brain/left brain. There’s a balance.
Ashley: Not so much, we are both good listeners and manipulators. (Laughs)

vervegirl: What do you feel is your best asset?

Mary-Kate: Let me get back to you on that.
Ashley: Let me get back to you on that.

vervegirl: Favourite fashion item?

Mary-Kate: Suspenders and anything 60s related.
Ashley: Suspenders and those heels that look like men’s shoes.

vervegirl: How do you forecast trends?

Mary-Kate: I don’t. I just love to put outfits together.
Ashley: We have an amazing design team and they help us blend our style in with trends.

vervegirl: Who are your style icons?

Mary-Kate: Bridget Bardot and Edie Sedgwick.
Ashley: Bridget Bardot and Audrey Hepburn.

vervegirl: Describe your perfect date.

Ashley: No paparazzi.

vervegirl: What place inspires you the most?

Ashley: Paris, for its architecture and fashion.
Mary-Kate: New York.

vervegirl: Describe your workday.

Mary-Kate: Meetings and auditions, mostly. It changes.
Ashley: Meetings, errands, at the studio usually until 3. It changes.

vervegirl: What are you reading now?

Mary-Kate: Scripts. I like to have a couple going at a time.
Ashley: Anderson Cooper’s new book is really interesting.

vervegirl: What’s on your iPod?

Mary-Kate: The Stones, Van Morrison, Pearl Jam, Neil Young.
Ashley: Neil Young, Van Morrison, The Stones.

vervegirl: We know you’re developing a premium frangrance, but what’s your personal preference when it comes to scents?

Mary-Kate: I love rose, it’s my favorite. I also like vanilla.
Ashley: I like men’s colognes.

vervegirl: Out of all your projects and products, what do you enjoy working on most?

Mary-Kate: All of it. If I get bored with one aspect, I can jump over to something else.
Ashley: The fashion. I’m looking forward to putting out contemporary and couture lines in the future.