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Bonding over Beauty By Erica Katz Bonding Over Beauty by Erica Katz

Vervegirl Bonds over Beauty with Erika Katz! 

By Maira Hassan

  1. VERVEGIRL: As a young woman, how can we have more fun with our moms and strengthen that relationship?
    ERICA KATZ: Moms and daughters should do things together, like getting their hair done. Ask your daughter how you should get your hair done – trust her opinion and give her that attention so she feels comfortable doing the same. Develop nightly cleansing habits and participate in simple bonding rituals like little manicures at home.

    Essentially, try to give your daughter that one-on-one time. Take her to the drugstore and ask her to find things on the shopping list. It will make her feel needed and help build trust between mom and daughter.

  2. VG: What are the top 2 major self esteem issues, in your experience, that young girls have?
    ERICA: I think weight is a big issue for many young girls. Especially because we come in so many different shapes and sizes, it is important not to compare yourself to models in magazines. The other major issue involves face and hair. Girls have a lot of issues with how their hair looks because we always want what we don’t have. Acne can also cause a lot of self-esteem issues during a girl’s teen years.
  3. VG: What can girls do to help uplift their confidence?
    ERICA: It is very important for mothers and families in general to be very positive near young girls. Compliment her, but make sure you’re being honest! If she looks great in blue, but not in red, tell her she looks great in blue instead of mentioning the red.
  4. VG: What can ‘everyday people’ do to pay more attention to the pressures of young women?
    ERICA: Mothers and women in general should try to include young girls into the “women” group. The worst thing you can say to a teen is that she’s too young. Instead of restricting her from things that are meant for older women, try asking her why and engage her in conversation to show importance to her opinion and thoughts.
  5. VG: Do you have any advice on how to discuss “squirmy” personal issues in a fun way and bond at the same time?
    ERICA: Follow these three important steps: first, mothers should observe and notice any changes, mostly physical during puberty, their daughters may be developing. Secondly, involve her into conversation. Mothers should start by sharing their own funny and embarrassing stories as a teen. Lastly and most importantly, grow up! You have to talk to your daughter because she needs to be in the know. Inform her and discuss the matter casually as well as seriously, so that she is safe instead of being sorry.
  6. VG: In your book, “Bonding Over Beauty”, you must have done extensive research to involve dermatologists, hair stylists and skin care specialists – how long did it take to write the book?
    ERICA: Two years all together. I started writing it in college because I saw a lot of girls who had issues with their hair, looks and even grooming themselves for a job interview. I wanted to write a reference book where mothers could teach their daughters what to do and how to do it at a young age.
  7. VG: Do you think it would be more beneficial for mothers to read your book or for young girls? Who would you recommend it to?
    ERICA: Although I address mothers, girls should read “Bonding Over Beauty” because what we don’t realize is that mothers impart their knowledge and habits to their daughters. If you don’t groom properly, people will notice! The top three things people will remember are your unclean hair, teeth and nails.
  8. VG: When did you realize you had to write this book?
    ERICA: I knew I had to write “Bonding Over Beauty” when I went to a parenting meeting where mothers didn’t know how to handle questions from their daughters. Mothers felt uncomfortable when their daughters asked them about shaving. I knew then that I needed to write a reference book for mothers who may find it difficult to handle certain situations. At the end of the day, you want your daughter to look great, feel great and grow up to be a confident woman.

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