This girl knows how to work a room!

Born: August 23, 1979 in  Pembroke, Ontario.

High school: Fellowes High School.

When you were little you wanted to be A dentist.

Now that you are all grown up, describe your day job. Each day is a completely different depending on the client. Today I am putting the final touches on an event that I have been working on for the past three months. Yesterday, I was sitting in with the stylist casting models for an upcoming fashion show. The day before was spent listening to all sorts of music for an in-store music program.

Define your style. Girly, tomboy-ish. I haven’t been on a good shopping spree in a while and tend to shy away from trendy pieces.

How have you developed your very original look over the years? Honestly, I have been wearing the same clothes for about 10 years! I consider myself a ‘piece’ collector, meaning I prefer one good piece over six smaller items mixing and matching new with vintage. Style is so personal. If you take the right cues to create a unique look, you will always feel comfortable and confident.

Talents: Concert Pianistdoes that count?

Passions: Books. People. Magazines. Music. Shoes. In that order.

What do you do for fun? Get silly with friends. Whenever we get the chance to go home to Pembroke, my best friend and I head to Wal-Mart, go gaga over our finds and have an in-store fashion show!

High School & Post-Grad Courses that really prepared you for what you love to do: I was very much an English student and felt most comfortable expressing myself on paper. But what I felt truly prepared me for real life was outside the classroom. Constantly flexing my ‘communication’ muscles working on student council government, heading up the prom committee, and playing tons of sports. The friendships I built by hanging out with different groups of people constantly learning from others was key and still is!

Major defining moment(s) to date: Realizing I could make a living doing what I love. Moving to NYC by myself at 18. Working at Marc Jacobs (LVMH) in PR. Bearing witness to 911 and its devastation through my friends and their families.

Brush with celebrity that left you feeling Completely shy but elated! Parker Posey told me I had great style and asked my opinion on her choice of outfit for an awards show that evening. She made my year! I think she is such a brilliant actress!

5 things always in your purse: Stila Cheek Stain, unsalted peanuts—I am hypo-glycemic, my Discman—I still don’t have an iPod! As well as an astrology star scroll and my cell phone.