Get Spooky this Halloween

Bath and Body Works - Halloween Collection

For this Halloween, Bath & Body Works launched a limited edition line celebrating this spooky time of year, including some costume friendly products!

  1. Dark Kiss ($7)
    I gave their new Shimmer Mist in “Dark Kiss” a try. It’s a body spray that gives a nice shot of sparkle every time, with a good dose of fragrance too. My first concern was that I’d be COVERED in sparkles and potentially look like, well, a walking Mardi Gras parade. On the contrary, the sparkles are fairly small and not overbearing, but if you want head out at night and need to get on your shine on, you can definitely spray more. The scent lasts fairly long, doesn’t dry out my skin, and as a bonus, comes in a really cute bottle with an appropriately sparkled skull on it. Plus, it’s small enough for you to tote around in case your costume needs a glam boost.”–Claramae Acasio

    RATING 4/5

  2. Cookies n’ Scream Lip Gloss ($8)
    The lip gloss is great and easy to use when you’re on the go because it’s a tube so all you have to do is squeeze!”–Anja Ellam

    RATING 5/5

  3. Japanese Cherry Blossom Shimmer Mist ($7)

    I tried the Japanese Cherry Blossom Shimmer Mist that cost $7.00 and comes in several odors with different packaging for each. The one I tried wasn’t my favorite smell, but I loved the shimmer it left. I use it when I’m going out.”–Anja Ellam

    RATING 3/5

  4. Sweat Pea Hand Soap ($14.50)

    The Sweat Pea Hand Soap that cost $12.00 was one of my favorites. I smelled amazing and i loved the bottle it came in! It’s a sparkly pink skull with a bow on top, perfect combination of Halloween and girly.”–Anja Ellam

    RATING 4/5

  5. Light-Up Coffin Green Apple Hand Soap ($14.50)
    The Light-Up Coffin Green Apple Hand Soap costs $14.50 was very entertaining. when you hit the bottom it lights up and makes sounds. I couldn’t stop hitting it! You can never go wrong with one of Bath and Body Works soaps and its a fun way to dress up your house for the holiday season.”–Anja Ellam

    RATING 5/5