Get Ready in a Rush Beauty Tips

 10 Back-to-School, Get-Ready-in-a-Rush Beauty Tips

By Natalia Cheikh
[divider] Are you always late for class because you are straightening that last piece of hair, or adding the final touch to your smoky eye? Vervegirl has ten get-ready-quick beauty tips to speed up your morning routine and get you to school on time, looking ravishing.

SHOWER SHORTCUT. If you didn’t have time to shower the night before and desperately need to lather up, go for it but keep your hair dry by wrapping a towel tightly around your head, and make that shower count! Brush your teeth under the hot water. Cleanse your face while gently exfoliating with a soapy washcloth. Then treat the rest of your body to the same skin-illuminating treatment using a natural loofah and a moisturizing shower gel. Try Yves Rocher’s 2 in 1 Super-Soft Shower Cream ($9, 300 ml). Its soothing, neutral pH and allergen-free botanical formula make it a great face-and-body cleanser for sensitive skin.

EASY RUNWAY HAIR. Those days when you don’t have time for squeaky-clean hair are the perfect opportunity to try one of fall’s chicest hair trends: the deep, side-part, low ponytail or bun.Spotted at Christian Dior’s Fall/Winter 2012 RTW show, this polished look is ideal when you are dealing with greasy roots and takes less than a minute to achieve. How-to: Create a deep side-part and comb your hair back into a tight, low ponytail. Secure with an ouchless elastic band. If you’re going for the bun, twist hair tightly and secure with an elastic band. Set and smooth with a salon hairspray like Pureology’s new ColourStylist Supreme Control High Hold Hairspray ($30, 366 ml).

ONE-STEP SKINCARE. Do your pretty face a favour by switching to a natural, all-in-one moisturizer that will tone, quench and protect your skin all in one step. We love Mèreadesso’s Woman Face + Neck Toning Gel ($120, 50 ml).

This lightweight, gel-lotion formula has everything you need to fully pamper your face and neck every morning and evening in one easy move. Packed with 16 exotic botanical extracts, 8 minerals and over 20 skin-saving antioxidants, it absorbs instantly, leaving skin hydrated and ready for makeup application. You won’t even need to use a primer – Mèreadesso’s Woman Face + Neck Toning Gel also has that step covered. Available at

FLAWLESS COMPLEXION. Whether you’re pressed for time or have hours to get ready, an even complexion is the most important makeup step complete, and liquid foundation takes care of that in a flash. A quick way to apply it for a natural finish: Press one pump of foundation on the back of your hand. Use one finger to dot it onto your chin, sides of your nose, under your eyes and forehead, then use both hands to blend it outward on the rest of your face. Apply concealer with your ring finger where needed, and you’re set.

 BOLD BROWS. If you only have time to focus on one feature, favour your brows. They structure your whole face and will help you look more put-together even with minimal makeup. How-to: Start by quickly brushing them up, then fill them in with an angled brush and a matching neutral eyeshadow or brow pencil. Try Lancôme’s Le Regard Pro Eyebrow Kit ($58). It makes defining brows quick and easy with its 3 shades of brown to mix for a custom, ultra-natural effect; highlighter shade to apply right under the brow; and small tweezers for quick touch-ups. Finish by setting your brows for the day with a brow gel like Lancôme’s Hypnose Brow Shaper ($28). Limited edition, available in stores this fall.

DREAMY EYES. Try this European backstage beauty trick for tired eyes: Blue Collyrium Laiter eyedrops ($7, 10 ml). Use two drops of the deep blue formula in each eye to instantly eliminate redness and make your eyes appear brighter. Available in pharmacies.

EXPRESS MAKEUP. Hectic mornings are not made for elaborate makeup looks, and lucky for us, subtle makeup was the winning backstage beauty look at Fall/Winter 2012 shows like Burberry Prorsum. Recreate it by playing up your features with a neutral palette. Sweep your favourite medium-neutral shade on your lids, quickly line eyes with a dark-brown eyeshadow, use a hint of bronzer on your cheeks and blend along the sides of your face. Finish with a coat of mascara for a flirty, almost bare look.

PRETTY LIPS ON THE GO. Use a tinted lip balm to moisturize your lips while giving them a subtle hint of colour. Try Mèreadesso’s new Tinted Lip Treats, $28 for a set of two. These vitamin-rich, natural lip balms create soft, supple, luscious lips and come in two flattering shades of burgundy and rose. Available at

SENSATIONAL SKIN. Moisturize your legs, arms and hands in a flash with a fast-absorbing body milk like Lancôme’s Lait Corps Fraîcheur ($46, 350 ml). Made for all skin types, even sensitive, this luxurious, 3-roses body milk melts into a gel upon application, delivering a cooling effect that leaves skin as soft and fresh as a rose petal

NUDE NAILS. When you don’t have time for a manicure, invest 30 seconds to buff your nails into a soft square shape and apply one coat of fast-drying nude polish. Accelerate the drying time by running your hands under cold water.