Get Moving and Snoozing to Good Health

by Jackie Middleton

Vanessa Crone and Paul Poirier
Vanessa Crone and Paul Poirier.  Photograph by Jackie Middleton.

Without exercise and plenty of sleep, the best nutrition will only get you halfway to your healthy goal. Vervegirl recently spoke with Canadian men’s figure skating champion and World silver medalist, Patrick Chan, and Canadian ice dancers, Vanessa Crone and Paul Poirier at a special breakfast sponsored by T-Fal. Our star Canadian figure skaters gave us the dish about living a healthy lifestyle, and how you can too:

1. Work Out, Have Fun
Exercising with the same routine day in, day out puts you on the fast track to workout burnout. Try to mix it up to keep the enjoyment factor high. Participate in team sports or try a new class at your gym – keeping it fresh helps make exercise fun. Having recently added golf and mountain biking to his exercise program, Patrick believes that the key to his motivation is “staying active and having fun at the same time – or else it’s dreadful.” Paul swims during the summer, and joins Vanessa for ballroom, ballet and modern dance classes. “All those things contribute to skating and they add up as exercise too which is good,” he enthuses. 

2. Just Add Music
There’s something infectious about a good song that just makes you want to move about. “It’s awkward working out in the quiet,” says Patrick, “it’s really important to have music to get you going and keep you motivated to work out. I definitely suggest to have music! At the gym, they always have music playing.” 

3. Catch Your Zzz’s
You can eat healthy 24-7, exercise daily and still be missing one very important ingredient to a robust life – sleep. Vanessa believes that a good night’s sleep is a necessity to feel one’s best, “I’m in bed by 9pm-9:30pm especially when training,” she explains, and her partner, Paul agrees, “Sleep is one of the most important things.” Sleep allows your body a chance to recharge and repair itself from all the stresses of the day and gets you set for the challenges that await you the next morning. 

Take it from our Olympic figure skaters, there are many advantages to living a healthy lifestyle of smart food choices, plenty of exercise and uninterrupted sleep. It may be difficult to start a new routine, but as Paul states, “it becomes a habit,” one that will give you more energy and a clearer focus for all the adventures that come your way. 

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Patrick Chan gives us the low-down on eating habits

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