Gerren’s Really Got It Together! – Part 2

Gerren TaylorBy Numreen Khan

Vervegirl got to know Gerren Taylor last week; how she became the youngest person to ever model in New York’s Fashion Week, the first African American model featured in a Marc Jacobs ad campaign, and a star on the hit TV series Baldwin Hills. Now we have more updates for you on the jet-setting Gerren, as well as her advice to young girls, and her plans for the future.

Vervegirl: In addition to modelling and acting, you are also a motivational speaker: What do you teach girls who may have self-esteem issues?
GERREN TAYLOR: What I teach them is simple: You have to be comfortable in your skin. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else. You are uniquely you. Work what you have, and own what you’ve got!

VG: What was your experience like being a woman of colour in the modelling industry (and specifically, the first African American in a Marc Jacobs ad campaign)?
GT: Being the first, and also in instances when I would be the only African American female in a show, made me feel unique, and that I was setting the trend for other women of colour. I always turned it into a positive thing!

VG: Do you have any regrets about starting out in the industry at such a young age?
GT: No regrets whatsoever. I honestly had the experience of a lifetime.

VG: What’s your advice for young women pursuing a career in modelling?
GT: Don’t take “no” personally. “No” means “not right now.” Take criticism as constructive and don’t let it break you. Whatever you do, DON’T get discouraged.

VG: Where will we be seeing you next – and what are your plans for the future?
GT: My manager is looking at a few TV shows, so when I have more information on the show, I would love to come back and give you an update! I live in the moment because tomorrow is not promised. Right now, I am growing my modeling agency for curvy gals….modeling here and abroad and enjoying life. I still enjoy speaking to young girls on life issues, body issues and self esteem.


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