Gelato-mania: A Vervegirl’s Travel Diaries

Vervegirl intern’s entry number two has her exploring the beaches along the Promanade des Anglais.

eXcuse my French - entry 2By Maira Hassan

eXcuse my French – Entry 2

I must warn you, fellow Canadians, of an irresistible attraction in Nice, France. The beaches along the ‘Promanade des Anglais’ are breathtaking, but the gelato stalls at the corner of almost every street hold the power of the mighty sweet tooth.

I not only speak of ice cream my travellers, I speak of ultimate paradise in every spoonful! The first time I had gelato, I knew I was in love. Not only are there a zillion flavours to try from, but every flavour is a little taste of heaven. I kid you not Vervegirls. Ever since my discovery of this one gelato stall by the beach, I have been there almost every day and have probably consumed a few bucket loads of delicious pistachio gelato.

But I had warned you earlier about the decadent food which the French feed on! As addictive and unhealthy their gelato may be, I cannot resist it. However, the key is to try all the flavours because the French have some unique tastes. They have flavours such as cactus, yes cactus, and lavender.

So after a long day at the beach, it is essential that you grab some gelato on your way home. That would be step two in my travellers guide: never forget to be a little risqué with food when enjoying the south of France, ESPECIALLY ice cream.

A Bientôt Vervegirls!