Footloose Kenny Wormald and Julianne Hough

Kenny Wormald plays Ren the lead male in the new Footloose and Julianne Hough plays the lead female Ariel.

VerveGirl: How long was the training for the dance scenes?

Kenny Wormald: We would be filming in the week and then our weekends were dance rehearsals and a little bit before we started shooting. But were both from dance backgrounds so it wasn’t that hard for us to pick it up.

VG: How was it going from being dancers to actors?

Julianne Hough: Craig helped us a lot by believing in us he told us all the time that we got this job because of our acting not because we can dance. he gave us a lot of confidence, it made us feel really for the challenge. He wanted us to do good and we grew so much in and atmosphere like that.

VG: Was it hard doing a remake of such a popular movie?

KW: We never felt like we were doing a remake we always did our movie. We were both such big fans of the movie that it was just in us, it was a part of us already.

JH: We made it our own we never really though of it as redoing a classic, that kind of coming up more now.

VG: Did you shoot in sequence?

JH: No we didn’t. Ariel’s character changes a lot and you can see them major changes in her dance scenes. At first she’s trying to get attention and she works background and kind of get gains her innocence. You got to learn a lot about Ariels character and why she is the way she is and what she’s gone threw that makes her act the way she does. 

VG: What were you doing when you were 17?

KW: I was dancing six dances a week. Tap, jazz, ballet, hip-hop, go go go. And eating a lot of my dads home cooked food that i don’t get  now in LA.

JH: I had just gotten back from London were I lived for two years. I had been so mature there that i just wanted to be a regular teenager. I had a job teaching dance. I wanted to be normal go to high school and go to prom.

VG: How did you feel about some of the changes to the original script? 

JH: The script was cool new and edgy but there were still line form the original that timeless. 

KW: I was so happy with the script because it wasn’t the one that i auditioned with i was the more drama from Footloose.

JH: I was attached to the musical but everyone wants something different when they’re remaking a movie. Not doing a musical made it more modern for the people who haven’t seen Footloose before.

VG: What was it like getting to be a part of a movie you both were such big fans of?

KW: We went into  rehearsal for the finally number and all the dancers were already there so we got to see the whole number without us in it. Even though we’d already been working on the film for a month that was the realization and we literally got chills watching it. 

VG: How was the chemistry off set?

KW: It was like summer camp! We kept joking summer camps over guys! It was fun because we were all young actors. On and off camera we were good friends and we all still hang out. I buds with Miles (who played Wilard).

JH: We were really lucky because not everyone always has that experience. 

VG: Is this something you always wanted to do?

JH: For me I always knew, when i was little we and my siblings made our own commercials and movies. I have a passion to be an entertainer.

KW: I grew up dancing from the age of 6 so when i turned 18 I had to make the decision to go to college go to LA or go to New York. All the dancing that was behind my favorite stars was something I really wanted to do. Seeing Justin Timberlake preform at the MVA’s i was trying to learn the choreo in my living room and thats what gave me the final push to go to LA that i just wanted to preform and be in movies. When you’re 18 you just have to make that decision to go!

VG: How important do you think it is to have a teen movie that touches on so many issues?

JH: There’s so many movies with huge explosions and stuff, but it’s so hard to make a grounded movie like Footloose that has meaning. There needs to be movies like that for teens to relate to.