Footloose Director Craig Brewer

VG: For people who haven’t seen the original, what can they expect?

CB: I was surprised by how many people hadn’t seen Footloose. People need to see how some times the stranger in town can have the best morals, but we also need to see how dance can go from hip-hop to country to rock n’ roll and it being part of a whole. Radio didn’t used to be so segregated and thats why I love iPods that hold 3,000 songs so you can switch around. We cast it so there wasn’t any baggage from other movies, it needed to be cast the was the original was with an unknown cast. 

VG: What was it like filming a dance movie, did the dance scenes differ from the others?

CB: The choreographer and I didn’t want it to look so choreographed, we didn’t want everyone to break out into the same choreography we wanted it to look the way it does back in my home town when teenagers listen to the same radio station and start to do their own thing.

VG: What was the casting process like because some actors were on board from the project before you were?

CB: Julianne was cast because of her dancing but i wanted it to be about the drama too. I told her I needed her from her acting and that we were going to tone her dancing down. I got her to go to the casting directors house and audition and i got her to cry and have arguments with people and i knew she could play Ariel. For Ren we looked everywhere I didn’t want a star like Zac Efron (who was originally cast). When we were auditioning Kenny he didn’t have an accent but was from Boston so he could put one on so we rewrote Ren to be from Boston instead of Chicago. 

VG: When did you know that you had been successful with the remake?

CB: I only know when I’m with an audience and the kiss scene started  and he saw how the audience reacted from the 40-year-old women to the 18-year-old girls. Guys and girls normally divide at the mushy scenes in movies but I think guys can appreciate this part too because everyone wants Ren to get the girl. We kept some monologues the same because the issues are still relevant and still work. 

VG: What made you decide to become a director and direct this movie?

CB: I was really into watching movies and this film The Making of Thriller came out and i realized this guy was telling Micheal Jackson what to do. I started writing my own monologues and plays at 15. I don’t want my Footloose to take away from the other one I want people to see the new one and want to see the original.