Five Things I Learned in Grade 11

Although I’m not quite done my four years of high school (one more year to go!), I feel like I’ve learned enough to potentially make my senior year the best year yet. Most of what I’ve learned comes from a tough or stressful experience. Hopefully with my tips, some of you won’t have to experience the agony.

So, here’s what I’ve learned in the past school year…

1. People Come and Go

This is quite hard to accept, since popularity and large social groups are always a big deal. However it is true that you should keep your best friends close. A lot of people that you will meet will walk into your life, and then walk right back out (not necessarily in a negative way). If you’re going to depend on anyone, it should be your closest buds that understand you best. So don’t get caught up in people that aren’t there when you need them most, and don’t depend on someone that doesn’t know you well enough!

2. Education Comes First

You’ve all heard this enough- but there’s a reason for that! Once you hit junior year, all this talk about University and College will start among your peers. What’s important at this stage is that you take courses you love, and pay good attention to what you are taught. The main purpose of school is your education, and it should be taken quite seriously at this point.

3. Extra-curricular Activities Are Important!

You don’t need to join every club your school offers, but at least join one. Find something you like to do, and it doesn’t even need to be academic related at all. Do you like volleyball? How about drama? None of these appeal to you? Then start your own club! Remember that when you apply for college, extra-curricular activities will be your best friends.

4. Hard Work Pays Off

Keeping yourself motivated for ten months can be difficult, I know. What’s important to understand is that hard work and initiative will always pay off. If you put in a great amount of effort towards your classes, you might win an award! At the very least, you should be able to earn a grade that you’re satisfied with. Self satisfaction is equivalent to a certificate!

5. Don’t Waste Time

Most of us think that work happens after college. This is not true! The most successful people, are people that have exposed themselves to working when they were young. You’re not too young to gain experience in a career that you admire. If you want to be a doctor, then you could volunteer at hospitals! If you want to work with children, then get a summer job at a camp! The opportunities truly are endless, it just takes the right amount of research and motivation. So don’t waste time and get to work!