Creative By Miss Teen Calgary -World Kirsten Collins

Hello everyone my name is Kirsten Collins, and I am Miss Teen Calgary-World.

This is my FIRST! Verve GIrl Post!

Yesterday I got to experience one of many great adventures of painting myself. Yes may sound quite strange, but to be completely honest soooo much fun! I went to my friends house and she’s a photographer, so she wanted some cool photos for her album and webpage and I quite frankly love to take pictures!! So we decided on taking acrylic water paint and painting crazy designs all over us! It kind of gave me this freedom of not caring what others thought of me and being bold enough to take a chance at something thats messy yet insanely addicting and enjoyable while people stare at you funny and you just smile and wave.

So here is a photo of my great adventure yesterday. I am the girl on the left hand side in the blue dress with gold buttons.