Fearlessly Fabulous

In Fall 2011, Sorel is more than ever modern, confident, sophisticated, daring…. impossible to ignore.

Sorel BootsIt all started with the iconic Caribou and Pac boots but Sorel has extended the offer with fresh and new designs featuring trendy colors and materials like the Tofino. This retro inspired collection combines warmth, comfort and durability with luxury and fashion.

Sorel Logo

The collection also features some young, fun, irreverent products to wear APRES, essentially inspired by our heritage in snowboarding, for youngs at heart. For Fall ’11, Sorel has updated and revamped designs like the Sorel 88, inspired by “the original boot” of Calgary Olympics in 1988.

The Fall ’11 Sorel Premium range carries sophisticated yet unexpected footwear that can be worn year round. This line combines rich materials, exclusive designs and some “daring and edgy” styles in limited editions like the Wild Wooly Wedge.

Celebrities who wear Sorels include:

  • Drake (Rapper)
  • Coco Rocha (Model)
  • Nikki Yanofsky (Musician)
  • LIGHTS (Musician)
  • Munro Chamber (Actor, Degrassi)
  • Aislinn Paul (Actor, Degrassii)

Visit sorelfootwear.ca for more info.