Contest Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What are the different types of contests found on
  2. Mobile

    To enter Text VERVE to 23333. (Standard text messaging rates may apply. Contact your mobile telephone provider for details.) You will receive a text confirming your sign-up. If you’re chosen as a prize winner, you will be contacted via text message to claim your prize. Please note: Mobilicity, Public, and Wind still aren’t ready to handle short code programs yet. ☹ We will let you know as soon as this changes though. Find out more:

    Daily Prize Giveaway

    These contests are up for a period of time and each prize is given to a winner(s) that day. When you enter it goes into a prize pool, so it doesn’t matter if you entered yesterday or today, but it sure helps if you enter in early since the chances of winning are smaller.


    If a contest is being promoted in Vervegirl magazine, then you may enter on Click on “CONTESTS” in the main navigation and find the current contest.

    BBM Community

    Vervegirl’s BBM™ Community is exclusive to all BlackBerry Smartphone users. Find more details here:

  3. Does it make a difference if I enter more than once?
  4. Yes, because you will have a greater chance of winning!

  5. Can you win more than once?
  6. You can only win a contest again after ONE MONTH has passed. This way many other girls can be winners!

  7. What time do you announce the winners?
  8. We can’t say an exact time that we pick but it does happen on the day or the following day found in the contest rules and regulations.

  9. How do I know I’m a winner?
  10. A Vervegirl Staff member will announce winners on the contest landing page of the contest or in the winners room . Then that same Vervegirl staff member will email you with instructions on what to do. In order to be selected a winner of a Contest, Prize Winners must within 2 (two) business days of being contacted, complete and return to Vervegirl a Consent Form confirming compliance with the contest rules and regulations. Youth Culture has no control over technical difficulties when sending/receiving Consent Forms through email or fax.

  11. I received my consent form, filled it out, and emailed/faxed it to the email address in the email, but my prize was given to someone else, what happened?
  12. You may have missed the deadline of two business days or there was a technical problem that resulted in the email not being sent or the fax not being received. Vervegirl has no control over technical difficulties when sending/receiving Consent Forms through email or fax.

  13. I didn’t receive my consent form, what do I do?
  14. Please email

  15. If I got contacted, but missed the deadline for sending in my consent form, may I still enter other contests?
  16. Yes because you are not a winner you may enter other contests!