Fanshawe Unbound: Designer Profiles

The students of Fanshawe’s design program are constantly drawing inspiration from the most interesting of places. All of these individual ideas and the skills developed through their educational careers will be combined to create the ever-impressive Unbound show.
Here’s a look at the final ten designers being featured in the show. By Rebecca Shrimpton

Sacha Korock has always had an interest in sewing and fashion, finding her ability at a young age to express herself through artistic outlets. Even as a child, once her mind was set on a particular design she’d imagined, she wouldn’t stop until she had created it, and she carries that determination still with her today. She will be showing a women’s swimwear line titled Neo-Technautic, bringing a new twist to a basic suit with the element of technology and scuba gear infused into the designs.

Laura Larkin fine-tuned her sewing and visual art skills in high school, at Mayfield S.S, where a portfolio and audition is required to get in. With the help of her fashion teacher who is a former Ryerson professor, she was guided to Fanshawe’s Fashion Design Program. Her collection One Way St encapsulates the feeling of urban life in fashionable street wear and is based on a combination of transparency and solids in a variety of forms, including screen printed graphics.

Jacqueline Shea MacLeod, a former dancer, found the perfect balance of innovative design and show business in the art of fashion. She discovered the industry to be the right place for her to be challenged and engaged constantly. Her ready to wear collection, Optic Evolution, is inspired by the ever popular 3-D movie technology, using colour blocking, piped panels, and deceptive fabrics to explore and recreate the body with optical illusion and distortion.

John Nip has a long list of experience in the design industry, from freelance designer to set designer, and as part of a co-op program in 2006 created his own custom made clothing business catering to a few private customers. The basic sportswear collection he will be showing titled Sexually Mysterious is made for women ages 30-40 and aims to showcase a sexy and fun personality with his sophisticated and unique clothing.

Jayne Panikaw with experience manufacturing baseball and hockey gloves in Montreal, her skills of the needle trade and desire to leave a lasting impression with quality and craftsmanship in her fashion designs have been of great asset while enrolled in Fanshawe College. Preserved Epoch, her collection featuring panels of metallic copper snakeskin and a contrast of silk double faced satin, conveys a message of preservation through re-using and salvaging the remains of death and decay.

Danielle Saska decided that the fashion industry was the place for her after experiencing a few months in a design program at a high school in Woodstock ONT, where she created an amazing pair of parachute pants. The collection she will be showing, Corrupt Arid Region, draws major inspiration the “Burning Man Festival” as well as the dessert, focusing on the appropriate attire to wear in that kind of climate.

Alyssa Tatasciore knew from a young age she wanted to be a part of the fashion industry, and now at the end of the design program, she is entering into a four-year teachers program hoping it will lead her to a career of teaching design at a high school level. She will be showing Back to Paradise, a collection of comfortable yet stylish bathing suits full of ruching that will flatter any body type. 

Jeanette Robinson, born and raised in London ON, brought her passion, enthusiasm and dedication for fashion to Fanshawe’s design program, where she gained the reputation as a diligent worker who works hard to balance both her creative and technical abilities. Her Electric Feel collection targets a youthful urban market with the use of bold colours and simplified silhouettes to capture the spirit of her generation.

Michele Thompson aspires to alter current fashion trends, a desire stemming from a longtime passion to work in the field of fashion, confident in her path that has lead her from creating paper dolls as a child to creating paper patterns during her education. Her collection, Veiled Euphoria, utilized metallic silks complimented by medium weight metallic solids with unique metal chain embellishments meant to offset the elegance of the line.

Tara Welch hopes to one day design bridal and prom dresses, having the motivation of family and close friends to support her love her creating and her very hands-on and visual nature. She will be showing a collection of after 5 dresses titled Aspiration, which has a Middle Eastern feel through the use of luxurious fabrics and vibrant blues and greens contrasted by a neutral tan.