Enter Elise Estrada

By Yvonne Ivanescu

Though she is only 21, Elise Estrada has built up quite the resume touring and singing with celebrities like 50 Cent, Soulja Boy, Rihanna and Enrique Iglesias.  The young pop starlet started out in a unique way gaining fame by representing Canada in Pinoy Pop Superstar [an Asian styled American Idol]. Though she didn’t win overall, she did manage to place and, as a result, built on that  success by touring and performing in Asia. Upon returning to Canada, her family moved to LA and Elise managed to land a development series based on her and her sister’s life. Though Disney thought it was a great idea, the deal didn’t end up happening and Elise moved back to Vancouver. But this setback didn’t stop Elise. She entered the Beat 94.5 Music Awards contest, won, and landed herself a deal with RockStar Music Corporation.

Through all her hardships Elise admits that love is what kept her motivated. She further explains, “I could never imagine myself doing anything else. Love of music is what made me pursue a career in it and it’s what has kept me going.” Her drive and love for music has certainly paid off! Elise’s first (self-titled) album has just been released. “It’s been a year of writing and recording,” says Elise. “We have worked really hard to make every song a hit… It’s an introduction to me, so I’m more excited than nervous!”

Even though she is love with her whole album, Elise admits that one song does stick out; her new single “Crash and Burn.” In the song, Elise asks for forgiveness, “It’s not just the guy that’s bad sometimes; the girl can also be wrong.” Elise then adds, “It’s close to my heart because it’s true.” With some prodding, Elise finally admits with a laugh, “there is a special someone in my life, but it’s just not the right time.”

Even with all the fame, this Philippino born girl still likes to keep it real. After a long day at work, Elise skips the after-parties, takes off the makeup, then changes into sweatpants and chills with her sister and family. ”We just watch TV,” she says. “I’m pretty boring. I do nothing and I just eat!” She quickly adds that she tries to stay away from junk, and tries to run for exercise.  Whenever she has time, Elise also tries to squeeze in some basketball games and proclaims that she is indeed a Raptors fan.

But, what’s next for the young starlet? “Who knows?” she says. “I will keep on doing this until I’m 50 if I have to. This is something that I want and I don’t have a backup plan.” Nonetheless, for the near future Elise does admit that she would love to meet Beyonce – “She is amazing and is someone who I really admire.”  With a brief pause, Elise smiles and adds “that’s the girl I strive to be like.”    

Listen to her beats at myspace.com