Don’t get caught at prom …. Without these beauty treatments that will fit in a clutch!

Jennifer Norman of La Fresh gives a few hints to help prom-goers get through the night looking their best.

1)      Deodorant wipes; with all that dancing, be prepared to refresh.  Look for wipes that are single-use only and ones that are made of natural smells as to not “give-away” the fact that you are refreshed.

2)      Instant Body Soother wipes will come in handy to refresh the body and give off a healthy glow despite the late hour!

3)      Make-up remover wipes aimed at the eyes and lips can be used to take off the old makeup and reapply mascara and lipstick, allowing for movers and shakers to look their best effortlessly – despite the hours on the dance floor!

4)      Dental finger mitts and wipes with lotion are easy to use when packaged in single-serving size.  They can refresh the mouth and hydrate the skin with one use! Helping every girl be the prom queen!

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