DIY Success Story: Muffymade

Meredith Shaw has been designing her own greeting cards since she was a little girl.  Her creative flare always got her compliments and even suggestions that she make a career out of it.

By Aparna Allam

In 2007, Meredith decided to do exactly that.  She launched Muffymade and began offering unique, hand-drawn greeting cards.  Her product line has since grown to include, notebooks, notepads, mugs, gift-wrap, novelty candy and even lip-gloss. 

VerveGirl caught up with Meredith at this Winter’s One Of A Kind Show and found her custom cards selling as fast as she could make them!

Since we were dying to know… we asked for the story behind the company name.  It turns out that when Meredith was young, she would write these words on the back cover of all the cards she made – ‘Muffy Made It.’

Check out MuffyMade and Meredith at

Do you have a hobby or that special something you do that always gets you compliments?  Maybe your friends and family aren’t just being polite.  With talent, creativity and a little courage you can go from DIY to CEO.  Think outside the box, or better yet, forget the boundaries and draw your own path to success.