Discover Becky G!

By Angela McLean

If there’s one artist that we “Can’t Get Enough” of, it’s 18-year-old Becky G! She’s a singer, songwriter, actress and COVERGIRL and her catchy pop-rap tunes have been stuck in our heads since her introduction to the music world in 2011. After releasing her ‘Play It Again’ EP in 2013, Becky G has been busy touring the world with the likes of Jason Derulo, Demi Lovato and Katy Perry and teasing new music for her fans. Next, Becky G will be hitting the road with Latin pop artist J Balvin and putting the finishing touches on her debut full-length album!

Vervegirl hung out with Becky G before her headlining performance at Family Channel’s Big Ticket Summer Concert in Toronto and talked about her tour must-haves, breaking a sweat and the one and only J-Lo.

Vervegirl: You’ve been on the road for quite some time. What are some of your tour must-haves and what’s the weirdest thing you bring with you?

Good food! I always need to have snacks galore because I’m always munching. I need lots of blankets and I always have my two go-to hoodies that I always have on when I’m in the bus. I would also say just good people. It’s good to have good people around you. My dancers are amazing. We just started working together and I love them to death. Also, family – my DJ is my cousin and I brought his little sister Rara on the road to assist me. The weirdest thing that I have is a black light and little glow-in-the-dark stars to put in my bunk. Once you close the shade it’s really dark and it’s like your own coffin in there! It gets really scary so I got a black light to light up the room a little bit and I made everything glow in the dark. It’s weird but it’s cool.

Becky GVG: How would you describe your sound?

It’s pop fun with a little bit of an urban Latin vibe. I like to mix it up a little bit.

VG: You recently released your new single “Break A Sweat”. What inspired the song and how would you describe its vibe?

It’s a fun song obviously. I feel like it’s super catchy and it’s definitely a nice workout anthem. When I listen to it, I just picture myself in a really cute workout outfit, running at the track and breaking a sweat with all the cute guys watching. It was a lot of fun to record. It was also a struggle because it is the most vocally challenging song that I’ve recorded to date and I was so proud of myself when I finally got it. I was like, “Wow!” You listen to it and you don’t really pay attention to how high those notes are and I was like, “How am I going to do this?” I did it and it sounds great and I’m so happy with it.

VG: “Break A Sweat” is just one of the many amazing tracks we can expect to hear on your debut full-length album! What can you tell us about the album and when will we be able to hear it?

Hopefully very soon! If all goes well with “Break A Sweat” and we shoot the music video and we keep performing it and the fans love it, we’ll probably release another single then the album. So, I would hope the end of this year or the beginning of 2016. The album has been a lot of fun to make. There are so many songs. I don’t know how we’re going to narrow it down because I got signed when I was 14 and now I’m 18 and I’ve created little bonds with each song that I’ve recorded. I’m a writer on all of them and they’re my little babies. You’ll definitely get the best of me from it because I’ve put so much time into it.

VG: We all know and love your hit single “Shower”. Do you have a favourite song that you like to shamelessly sing in the shower?

“Waterfalls” by TLC is always a tune. There’s also the song from DREAMGIRLS, “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going”. I’m always belting that one like a crazy person.

Becky G and Jennifer LopezVG: In the past, you have co-written music with Cody Simpson, Jessie J and Cher Lloyd and been a featured artist on those tracks. Who else would you like to write and record with?

There are a lot of people. I think it would be cool to collaborate with Bruno Mars. Shakira is definitely somebody on my list. I got to work with Jennifer Lopez but I have not made music with her yet. I think it would be cool if I got her to feature on one of my songs because she’s my ultimate idol.

VG: When you were just 16 years old, you got the thrill of a lifetime when Jennifer Lopez agreed to make a cameo in your music video for “Becky from the Block”. What was it like working with her?

It was amazing. Still to this day, when I watch the music video, I’m like, “That was me? Like, right next to her? How is that possible?!” I still get goosebumps because it’s a dream come true to say that I have the certified stamp of approval from the one and only J-Lo.

VG: You are one of the beautiful faces of COVERGIRL. What is your daily skincare and makeup routine like and can you share any tips?

It’s hard when you’re a teenager! It’s the inevitable breaking out and all that stuff but I think when you have such great makeup by COVERGIRL that doesn’t make it worse and covers it up, that’s the best thing ever. I’m all about cleaning my face too – makeup wipes are the best and I never fall asleep with makeup on. When I do, I’m always giving myself a little smack on the hand because it’s good to give your skin a break. Don’t forget to moisturize.

Thank you, Becky G! In addition to not forgetting to moisturize, remember to tune in to the Family Channel this Friday, September 25 at 7:30PM ET to catch Becky and all of the Big Ticket Summer performers during the exclusive TV special. Follow Becky on Twitter @iambeckyg.