A Different Kind of Model

by Jackie Middleton

There’s a booming niche business for people with beautiful faces, hands and feet. Your chance in the spotlight might be just a blink away!


Eyes and Smile model at vervegirl.com

Eyes and Smile Model

It’s no surprise that the two most expressive facial features are in high demand for special modeling assignments. If you have dazzling peepers, a career as an eye model could land you advertisements for glasses, cosmetics and products that require enthusiastic close-ups. The delicate eye area can easily show stress, fatigue and aging, so follow the lead of face models and wear sunglasses, get plenty of sleep and apply moisturizer with sunscreen to keep that fresh, wide-awake look.

If you’ve got a bright white, super straight smile, it’s time to become BFFs with your dentist. He can ensure that your teeth are kept in tip top condition and offer advice on avoiding foods that stain tooth enamel such as cola, tea and blueberries. And don’t forget the frame of your smile, your lips. Moisturize and wear sun block daily to keep your pout healthy and photo-ready. You never know when that lipstick or restaurant commercial will come calling.


Hand Model

Hand Model

If you have slender hands with long delicate fingers, immaculate nails and no signs of scars, freckles or bulging veins, then hand modeling might be for you. Surprisingly in this career, beauty is more than skin deep. You may possess pretty hands but can you hold them in a fashion that’s relaxed and attractive on camera? Elegantly displaying products for TV commercials, print ads and movies is a must-have skill. Top hand models can earn upwards of $1,200 a day, but be prepared for the daily sacrifices required in this role. Pros repeatedly moisturize their lucrative assets – as often as thirty times per day – to keep their flawless appearance plus they constantly wear gloves for protection.

Hands down, the money is great in this vocation, but you’ll have to say goodbye to playing sports, housecleaning and cooking if hand modeling is for you!

Foot model at Vervegirl.com

Foot Model
Pretty perfect feet? Sounds like an impossibility but in reality, foot models do exist and they make a healthy wage! To get a step up on the competition, a foot model cannot have blisters, tan lines, calluses, ugly toes or sweaty feet. Similar to hand models, foot models must go to great lengths to protect their body parts. Daily nail and skin care are imperative and shoes must be carefully selected so they don’t cause foot or nail damage. The appearance of a blister can result in weeks out of work. As with any job, there are negatives and positives: wearing closed shoes without socks is forbidden as is going barefoot so if you prefer to walk about as nature intended, perhaps a career as a foot model should be given the boot. The plus side…hurrah, you’ve finally found a profession that demands frequent foot massages and pampering pedicures!
See! The world of modeling is comprised of much more than catwalks and size zero waifs. Beautiful eyes, smiles, hands and feet are always in fashion!
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Jackie Middleton is a freelance writer for Vervegirl.com. Jackie’s unhealthy addiction to pop culture only rivals her love of chocolate. Check out her blog at www.losethatgirl.com.

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