The Deserter by Peadar O. Guilin

The Deserter by Peadar O. Guilin

Peadar O. Guilin

Publication Date:
March 13, 2012

Random House Children’s Books

Hardcover, 448 pages

CAD $19.99

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To save his tribe, the cannibal Stopmouth must abandon it. Leaving the stone-age world of the Surface behind, he travels to the Roof, the mysterious hi-tech world suspended above. But the Roof has its own problems. The nanotechnology that controls it is collapsing. And now a rebellion against the ruling Commission is about to erupt.

Hunted by the Commission’s nano-enhanced agents, Stopmouth must succeed in a desperate hunt of his own: to find the woman he loves. Only she knows how to save his tribe. But in this super-sophisticated world, all he has to fight with are his raw strength and fierce courage.

About The Author

PEADAR O. GUILIN has been writing curious stories for as long as he can remember. One of his school reports claimed that he had “a talent for communication, which he abuse[d].” Since then, he has written plays, published short stories, and performed as a standup comedian. He has taken part in a project to translate the Linux operating system into Irish and is fluent in French and Italian. Peadar lives in Dublin where he works for a giant computer company. His first book The Inferior was also published by David Fickling Books. You can learn more about Peadar and his work at


The book was provided by the publisher Random HouseChildren’s Books for an honest review with no compensation provided.

Stopmouth is back and is in dire need of answers. His goal? To save his tribe, and to find his wife who has gone missing. In order to do that, he must head to the Roof. While there, he finds a boy and an old woman and together they journey to places where not only aliens are chained, but humans as well.

Now I haven’t read the first book but I was surprised when I started reading that I didn’t really need the first one in order to understand what was going on. Stopmout’s wife has been in hiding and he has to get richer before his tribe all but dies on the surface.

If there’s a trophy for world building in a novel, I bet you The Deserter would take a nomination. The world is at a loss. There are species of different aliens crawling all over trying to survive. There’s a roof that controls the home of the remaining humans and they’re all kept in the dark by their government (as usual).

Although in this story it has as much truth that is damaging to the characters as always because now they have to stop them. The clever virtual environment called Roofspace where people dream away their realities was not original but highly clever. Really clever world building, I can’t stress that enough. Read it and you won’t be disappointed!

Rating 4/5


“But Hiresh couldn’t find it in himself to resent him. Seeing Stopmouth hunt and kill on the surface was one thing; having him here beside you, so gentle and supportive, so…so innocent—was quite another. How could that be possible?”—Hiresh (111)

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