Cute Is What We Aim For

Sharlotte Lawrence caught up with the Cuties before their Toronto performance at the Molson Amphitheatre. 

SL:  You guys were on Rolling Stone Magazine’s 10 Artists to Watch list – but you were really young.  Do you think that’s a good or bad thing – to be given that title and be so young?
Shaant: It was cool and everything.  I have it framed on my wall, but it didn’t mean anything.  If you look at all the other artists that were in that top ten, no one’s done anything.  I think what you have to worry about when you’re young is the success literally equates to the Top 10. 

SL:  Did you have high expectations when you started? 
Shaant:  Not at all.  That was the coolest part.  We set them super low just because you never want to be let down. 

SL:  How is the writing and recording process like you?
Dave:  The writing process starts with us going into the studio with a few ideas that Jeff, Shaant and I had jammed in Buffalo, in Shaant’s basement.  We put the CD together as we went.  We took the ideas we had and tried to put them together in a week or two.  And over three months we grinded out the whole process. 

SL:  What were your influences for this album?
Jeff:   This was when we started to branch off and listen to different bands outside this genre.  Dave got me into Beach Boys, Beatles, Tom Petty – classic rock. 
Shaant:  Tom Petty, Roy Orbison.  The original songwriters – the guys who wrote stories.  The guys who pioneered songwriting.  If you think about it – who are we to learn from the people who are just regurgitating the standard.  Why not go back to the standard and try it. 

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