Create a Spark with id America’s in-ear headphones

By Giselle San Miguel

Photos provided by Max Borges Agency

Thank you to Max Borges Agency for providing me with a pair for an honest review.

As soon as I opened the box I knew that I was opening a quality product already. Why? Because of the packaging! I love the simple design and the steel grey, since it matches the purple of the earphones. I was lucky enough to notice the text on the box that read “compatible with IPod touch, iPhone.” that would be my primary use for these.

I opened the box and was surprised to find the beautiful royal purple earphones, a case to hold them in (bonus! I never know where to place mine), two extra earphones, and the instruction manual.

I plugged in and was definitely satisfied with the quality of the sound. It was clear and the volume was just right. What I didn’t like was that these were in-ear earphones because it felt odd. Maybe I’ll get used to them in my ear.

Since I use my iPhone for music as well as my phone I knew the earphones were also designed to control the music and even to listen to calls plus a mic to talk through just like the Apple ear phones. I placed a call and used it flawlessly. The quality was amazing. Can I just say the Apple earphones with mic complete suck? They really do, so I am happy to report that I found a wonderful alternative for my earphones and that’s the id America earphones!

Rating 5/5

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