Conquering the back to school blues

Back to school
By: Jackie Middleton
Goodbye freedom and sleeping in. Hello essays and long hours at the library. Summer’s swansong is never a pleasant sight, especially when that vision includes your parents jumping around giddy with excitement. Is it any wonder that you’re suffering from a serious case of the back to school blues? Don’t let a return to the daily grind get you down. The commencement of the school year doesn’t have to be a negative experience. Follow’s lead, and conquer the back to school blues with a positive attitude, and our handy tips.
Wardrobe Joy – Back to school always means back to the shopping mall – and this spending spree is parent-approved! Make the most of this once-a-year opportunity to increase your wardrobe on the parental dime. Load up on the most fashion-forward, trendy items you can find to make your grand re-entrance count. If your school requires uniforms, track down unique accessories to create a distinctive look.
Reunion – There’s always a friend or two who goes AWOL over the summer break. Now’s the time to catch up on all the gossip with your long-lost friend. It’s fun to brag about your summer exploits especially to someone who wasn’t around, and can’t contradict your glorious adventures!
Second Chances – Remember how hard it was last year when you fell just short of making the school’s soccer team? September ushers in not only a new school year, but also a new chance at landing that coveted spot. You’re a year older and wiser, and probably better equipped to actually make the squad this season. Impress the coach and your prospective teammates by delivering a renewed effort worthy of the starting XI.
New Students – Bored of the same stale cliques that rule your school? You’re in luck! Transfer students usually join their new schools in the Fall, so you may find yourself with an unfamiliar lab partner in science class – or if you’re really fortunate, a new BFF. You can make them feel welcome, and freshen up your social calendar at the same time.
Returning to the hallowed halls of your old school is never easy. If you pack a forward-thinking attitude along with your pens, calculator and notebooks, the beginning of the new school year will be a breeze, not a bummer.
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