Confessions of a Heartthrob

Confessions of a Heartthrob

By Mandy Ng

vervegirl: Who’s your celebrity crush?
Karl: Jessica Alba. She’s the perfect-looking girl! I’ve never met her so I don’t know what she’s likebut my idea of the perfect girl is someone who accepts you for who you are, accepts your good and bad—and not just who you are at the moment, but forever.

vervegirl: Do you have a signature move that makes girls fall in love with you?
Karl: My eyes! I feel sometimes that I’m invincible with the look, the stare, the gaze. That’s what I’ve been told.  

vervegirl: Have you always been really confi-dent with girls or did you have to work at it?
Karl: I was lucky. In high school, I would just be sitting down at lunch and every new girl in school would get her friend to come to me and say I was cute. From then on, it was always easy. It wasn’t something I had to work hard on, but I’ll tell you this—the only two girlfriends in my life that lasted the longest, I had to work for. I find that interesting, because even though they thought I was cute, they weren’t in love with me and I had to work at it. I liked the challenge.

vervegirl: Have you ever had your heart broken or are you a heartbreaker?
Karl: The two longest relationships I’ve ever had, it wasn’t necessarily me who broke it off. It was my career. That always seems to be the factor when it comes to finalizing a relationship in my life. Especially now with fame, a lot of girls like you—and everybody’s whispering into your ear at the club instead of only one girl. I don’t think I’m a heartbreaker on purpose. I love everyone in this worldI want to promote peace in the world.

vervegirl: Do you feel more inspired to write music when you’re going through emotional turmoil or do you feel inspiration just comes to you?
Karl: Sadly enough, my inspiration comes from heartbreak and when things aren’t going well. It’s not only love songsthe songs that move my heart are the ones that are sad. My downfall is when I see a girl crying, I’ll do any-thing for herI get sucked in and get suckered into everything!

vervegirl: Can you share an embarrassing moment with us?
Karl: I love bikes and motorcycles. I remember being on a motorbike when I was 18, going down a two-way road and there was lots of traffic and there were these beautiful girls in a conver-tible coming in the opposite direction. They were looking at me and I turned my head to follow them with my eyes but I kept on going—and then I crashed into the car in front of me and fell! The car of girls zoomed by and laughed at me. Then two guys came out of the car and I thought they were going to kill me! But they just wanted to see if I was alright. It’s okay though, I had a helmet on so the girls didn’t see me.

vervegirl: Helmets save lives!
Karl: Haha, that’s a good one—you should put that in!

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