Coca-Cola Freestyle: 104 of My Favourite Things

There’s a new soda fountain in town and it’s called Coca-Cola Freestyle. Offering more than 100 different beverages at the push of a touch screen button, this state-of-the-art fountain serves up something to quench everyone’s thirst.

Hi-C Orange Vanilla? Check. Minute Maid Fruit Punch Lemonade? Check. Cherry Vanilla Coke Zero? Check.

Coca-Cola Freestyle’s 104 (yes, 104!) regular, low and zero calorie options include sparkling beverages, sports drinks and lemonades – many of which have never been available in Canada before. And, what’s even cooler is that every drink is made fresh-to-order, right as it’s poured into the cup.

New machines will be popping up all around Toronto. Find the one nearest you at or follow @cocacola_ca (#ccfreestyle_ca) on Twitter. Then, tell your friends because they’re going to be jealous that you were the first one to try Sprite with Vanilla.