stressed about exams? tips for studying and a chance to win!

finals are fast approaching and faced with an impressive amount of content to go over for each class, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and not know where to start. learn how to avoid last-minute panic by managing your time efficiently and taking good care of your body and mind.

tip 7. avoid distractions
everywhere you go, you see people studying in social areas – don’t be that student. find a place where people won’t find you and don’t answer your phone during your
planned study hours. if you must study in a group, make it happen in a private and neutral area, like a quiet room at the library. coffee shops are cool hangouts but they
provide too many distractions to allow to study seriously – music playing, people talking, phones ringing and constant movement does not help.

                                                     tip 6: last details

make sure that you have everything your need before heading to your exams: pens,pencils, calculator (bring batteries just in case), dictionaries, and anything else you areallowed to bring. set your alarm early and ask a parent or sibling to wake you up if you are not up within 10 minutes. don’t forget to have a healthy balanced breakfast, andbring along a bottle of smartwater to quench your thirst during the exam!


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#4 When I study, I am most comfortable wearing………………